The Latin Orchestral Music Online Catalog is constantly being updated as we continue searching for more score samples. If there is something in particular that you are looking for, please let us know and we’ll direct our attention to that.


There are a few ways to find information on this site:

On our MUSIC LIBRARY drop down menu, there are three options: 

The INDEX function includes four lists: Composers, Countries, Genres, and Publishers.  These are basic lists for easy scrolling based on just those categories.

The BROWSE function allows you to scroll through a list of ALL works in alphabetical order.  Works are listed with details of composer, country, title, instrumentation, duration, and publisher.  You can sort the following categories alphabetically by using the arrows at the top of the list: composer, country, and title. For more details and to see a sample score, click on the VIEW button.  Once on the next page, the VIEW SCORE button will show you a sample of the score when available. Complete scores are not posted due to permission and copyright laws, but we hope it will show enough information to pique your interest, and you can then acquire the complete score from the cited source. We are constantly adding new scores to the catalog, so please check back if a score is listed as unavailable. 

The SEARCH function allows you to quickly find information in the following categories only: composer name and title. In addition to the SEARCH tab, you can search in the main SEARCH BOX. You may enter single or combined words from each or all of the following categories: composer name, title, and/or country.  For example, if you type “Peru” into the search box, the engine will pull up all works in the catalog which include Peru in the title.  If you type “symphony,” the search engine will pull up all works with the word symphony in the title.  “Flute concerto” will pull up all concertos for flute.  “Concerto” will pull up all concertos for any instrument. “Aguirre,” will pull up all composers with that last name.  “Aguirre flute” will pull up all works by a composer named Aguirre with the word flute in the title. All generic Spanish words from the composition titles have been adapted to English (i.e. sinfonía=symphony, concierto=concerto, poema sinfónico=symphonic poem, solista=soloist, etc.) so that they can be easily found in the search box. Original titles (i.e. “La madre de agua”) remain in Spanish. The SEARCH BOX is present in the header throughout the entire site. 

See below for Frequently Asked Questions.


This catalog has adopted today's most commonly used formula for notating instrumentation.  For example:

3[1.2.3/PIc] 2[1.2/Eh] 2[1.2/Bcl] 2[1.2/Cbn]-4331-Tmp+Perc-Hp-Pf-Str

This is to be read as follows:

3 Flutes - 3rd Flute doubles Piccolo

2 Oboes - 2nd Oboe doubles English Horn

2 Clarinets - 2nd Clarinet doubles Bass Clarinet

2 Bassons - 2nd Bassoon doubles Contra Bassoon

4 Horns

3 Trumpets 

3 Trombones

1 Tuba






Dots (.) separate instruments.  Slashes(/) indicate doubling.  Abbreviations are spelled out under Abbreviations.

Instrument abbreviations:

Afl - Alto Flute

Ampd - Amplified

Asx - Alto Saxophone

Basset Hn - Basset Horn

Bcl - Bass Clarinet

Bfl - Bass Flute

Bgtr - Bass Guitar

Bsx- Baritone Saxophone

Btbn - Bass Trombone

Btp - Bass Trumpet

Cb tbn - Contrabass Trombone

Cbcl - Contrabass Clarinet

Cbn - Contrabassoon

Cel - Celesta

Crt - Cornet

Db - Double Bass

Ebcl - E-flat Clarinet

Eh - English Horn

Elec - Electric

Euph - Euphonium

Fl - Flute

Flug - Flugelhorn

Gtr - Guitar

Hn - Horn

Hp - Harp

Hpsd - Harpsichord

Mand - Mandolin

Ob - Oboe

Org - Organ

Perc - Percussion (all percussion instruments are fully spelled out in each work's page)

Pf - Piano

Pic - Piccolo

Pic tp - Piccolo Trumpet

Ssx - Soprano Saxophone 

Str - Strings

Sx - Saxophone

Synth - Synthesizer

Tbn - Trombone

Tmp - Timpani

Tp - Trumpet

Tsx - Tenor Saxophone

Va - Viola

Vc - Violoncello

Vn - Violin

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: I am clicking on a Composer’s name in the Index, but it is not linking me to that composer.  

A: Due to the size of the catalog, we did not build in links at this time. Instead, copy and paste information from the Index into the SEARCH BOX

Q: In what language are titles listed in the catalog?

A: Generic words in titles (i.e. symphony, concerto, symphonic poem) have been translated into English, however, original work titles remain in their native language (i.e. “La madre de agua”). 

Q: Are works for ensemble or opera listed in the catalog?

A: At this time, the catalog concentrates solely on orchestral works or works with orchestra (i.e. oratorio). 

Q: Can I search the catalog by instrumentation or size of ensemble?

A: We have designed the catalog to direct your search to particular composers and countries, and have provided score samples when available to allow you to explore further. 

Q: A work I was researching listed the score as not available. When will it be added?

A: We are constantly working to find scores or get permission from publishers. Please use the contact page to let us know of any specific scores for which you may be looking. 

Q: I came across a work that I could not find in the catalog, what should I do?

A: Please use the contact page to let us know and we will direct our attention to this matter.