To provide a single, complete, and comprehensive online catalog that contains orchestral music from Latin America and the Caribbean, and to make it accesible to conductors, music directors, music administrators, librarians, students, teachers, researchers, and music lovers in general. This online catalog contains over 9,000 original orchestral works by over 1,600 composers from 24 countries and territories of Latin America and the Caribbean, and serves as a bridge between the music and the composers or publishers.

About the creators

This online catalog was created by conductors Miguel Harth-Bedoya and Andrés F. Jaime, who have a passion for the orchestral repertoire of Latin American and the Caribbean of all times and genres, and have spent several years not only performing and recording this repertoire but also researching it. 

This online catalog has been in the works since 2008 and has been inspired by the mission of Caminos del Inka, Inc.: “to discover, preserve and disseminate the rich musical legacy of the Americas”.


Feel free to write Miguel at if you are looking for something in particular, or if you need help with anything regarding this catalog or the Latin American and Caribbean orchestral repertoire.